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I have been working with Tomasz for 2 years on a gamification project at Roche. He did an amazing job! The first of all he takes care of daily work with our stakeholders. Help them to understand gamification and help them create content for engaging learning projects. The second, he provided a lot of researches on the technical side of the project. He brought some ideas and we implement amazing features in our gamification project, that our customers love a lot. He is perfect in understanding what business needs and how we can solve their problems and fulfil their requests. He does understand that IT should help business and be proactive and customer oriented. We hired him because we need to provide our customers consultancy in digitalisation of their knowledge to the eLearning project. He has got a huge experience in instructional design, but at our project, he was more than just an instructional designer. He provided didactic consultancy, helps the business to make effective eLearning projects and bring a lot of value to the business…

Andrey Sylka

Component owner of engagement tools. E-Learning team at Roche, Roche

I had the chance to work with and learn from Tomasz as part of creating a gamified e-learning program from scratch at Roche. Tomasz has a deep understanding of e-learning and gamification, as well as expertise in WordPress and market-leading authoring tools. What I most appreciated throughout our one-year collaboration was his ability to quickly grasp business needs and willingness to continuously add to the service offering in order to deliver top-notch e-learning experiences. Many thanks, Tomasz!

Nely Galuea

Digital Transformation Project Manager at Roche Diagnostics, Roche

I had the pleasure of working with Tomasz for over 6 months co-creating employee development platform for Roche employees. In this 6 months he showed himself not only as a very pleasant and devoted to the project colleague, but he was able to bring all his previous experience and knowledge in the project to create a great platform. He displayed strong ability to grasp the ideas we proposed and the requirements we had to create an actual learning solution. Thanks to Tomasz’s user centricity we were able to co-create a platform, which truly puts the user in the center of the design.

Gulnara Yunisowa

Employee engagement at Roche, Roche

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