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I have been providing multimedia design services for many years. I do, among others: e-learning, e-books, flipbooks, interactive help, websites, implementation of LMS systems. Everything that helps to teach others.

Distance learning

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See the demo version of one of my very old courses. This is a guide for Windows Phone. This is just a teaser of the training done in Adobe Captivate but it gives a broader look at my skills.

I’ve Got You Covered

Brand Design

Designing from idea to product. All in accordance with the customer’s guidelines.

Social Learning

I have experience in implementing social learning in large corporations

E-learning Analytics

I am very interested in analytics and e-learning data analysis.

Instructional Design

Knowledge and experience allow me to optimally adapt interactions in e-learning.


I help companies motivate employees to learn.

Team Training

I run stationary graphics and e-learning trainings for employees and students.

Website Development

Installation, configuration and management of CMS systems.

Designing E-learning Courses

Designing SCORM compatible e-learning courses.

I’ll Show You How It’s Done

If you would like to learn how graphics programs work or would like to learn more about e-learning programs, you can order online training from Adobe Captivate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress.

Distance learning

Responsive Distance Learning courses

I design responsive courses in Adobe Captivate and Active Presenter. Write or call if you are interested in cooperation.


Recent Work

LMS Integration

  • Instructional Design
  • WordPress Integration
  • SEO & Analytics
  • LMS Configuration and implementation
  • Translations

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